Do you have to work hard?

I’m seeing lots of Memes around Facebook these days about having to work hard to get the results you want. Really hard. Put those hours in. It seems like it takes a lot of effort to get results.
Then there is the saying “work smarter not harder”, which may just mean find little hacks that make your work easier to do.
For centuries we have been imbued with the Protestant Work Ethic that in order to be Godly we have to toil and slave.
But is that really how life should be?
I have also been listening to a lot from Abraham-Hicks as part of my ongoing personal and spiritual development and their view is that working hard is going against the flow, paddling upstream, and unnecessary.
This led me to two questions
What constitutes ‘hard work’ and why should we have to toil?
For me is sitting at a computer trying to sell on line easier than going out face to face and selling actual physical things at a big show?
You would think that with all the ‘work’ involved in selling at a show – driving to the venue, setting up the stall, talking to random strangers, breaking down the stall, driving home – that would obviously be the hard work.
Well, in one sense it is. Physically it is hard. Emotionally it is a walk in the park – sometimes literally. On the other hand I’m finding that constantly placing adverts on websites and promoting something that I’m not sure I even believe in is emotionally draining. It feels like a chore.
According to the teachings of Abraham I’m trying to paddle upstream.
Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with on-line marketing. For many people it is providing a healthy income and they seem to enjoy it. It is beginning to feel wrong for me.

There is another saying – “Follow your bliss and the money will come.” That sounds so easy that most of us do not believe it. I have been guilty of the same. My ‘Bliss’ is doing things with horses and as far as I can see there is no money in that. Well, maybe I am wrong. But I have other things I love to do… writing is one…. and teaching is another. Writing a blog that teaches about Law of Attraction is also my Bliss.

This set me thinking about how life for humanity has changed so we are now all tied to work, a work that most people would not do if they had a choice and many people actually hate.
Let’s go back in time around 1000 years. What did people do? They did what they needed to do to have food and a home. For many people that would not have involved a ‘job’ or working for a ‘master / boss’ . It would have involved working on a patch of land to grow crops and caring for a few animals. People on the whole produced their own food. Some people with skills and a liking for a kind of task would be people who made things. Stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths, even gold and silver smiths, bakers and cooks. Their lives were worked around the hous of sunlight, the weather and the seasons. Although there are probably many reasons we in the 21st century may think their lives were bad, they probably were just as happy as anyone now. Was a bed filled with straw and covered in woven woolen blankets and animal skins and less comfortable than a sprung divan? Was their food any less tasty?
The point I am really trying to make is that although the work they did in order to live comfortably may have been physically demanding there was no one else telling them to do something that they didn’t want to do. Being in charge of your own destiny and life style can lead to satisfaction, pleasure in a job well done, and a good night’s sleep.
This may well be over simplified but you get my drift. We are now mainly an urban society working for other people doing things that we would prefer not to do in order to be able to buy the things that we need. That change has come at a price.

The price is a dis-connection from the land, a dis-connection from Spirit, ( a denial that Spirit even exists) and a dis-connection from what we really are. The price is a general malaise that leads to frustration, anger and ultimately violence.

I know there is no turning the clock back, but I think it does help if people understand why there are some of the problems and issues that there are. The comfortably off can take themselves out to the countryside for a day to re charge. The better off can re locate to the countryside, much to the dismay of the indigenous country people who find that re located townies do not understand their way of life. (as a country person myself I am also guilty of that prejudice). Those with little disposable income are stuck in urban environments which may have little access to nature and things that fire the soul. Those people have a vision of reality that is very different from mine.

Full circle, then. Should we be working hard doing things we dislike or is it possible to generate an income sufficient to our needs by doing something we enjoy. When we enjoy a task it is not a chore. By definition every task that is required to be done would be filled because there is always someone who loves that particular work. We may sit in our comfortable office and consider that the street sweeper has a menial job, but that street sweeper may thoroughly enjoy being out in the open air, chatting to passers by, doing something physical and pitying the people stuck in offices.

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