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Annie Says: Don’t You Just Hate Positive People

Don’t you just hate positive people? You know, those who relentlessly look on the bright side. The ones who tell you it’ll all come out OK in the end, or “everything happens for a reason”.

Because, don’t they know that life is a struggle, right? Sh*t happens. And what on earth is going to happen in the world now that Donald Trump is USA President elect? And Brexit! Not to mention all those imigrants spoiling our country. And what our western governments are doing war-mongering in other countries. The world is going to hell in a handcart and those Positive Pollys just dont get it!

And another thing, those positive people also seem to be lucky people. Their lives seem to flow. They don’t seem to get the problems the rest of us get, or if they do they dont talk about it

Of course, I’m not a negative person but you have to be realistic. You cant change anything by just thinking positive. I mean, all those people who got cancer and died, i’m sure they thought positive but it didnt help them, did it? Well, maybe they felt better, but it didn’t cure them.

Even when I try to think positive things still turn out badly. And that makes me feel bad. It makes me feel angry. Because it’s not fair! Why should those positive people be so relentlesly happy? I suppose it’s because they have all that good luck. Anybody can be happy if everything always turns out all right for them.

Why does everything always seem to go right for people with a positive outlook?

It’s like all that Law of Attraction stuff. They say you get what you focus on. Well, I focused on £1million but I didn’t get it, but then I knew I wouldn’t. See, I’m not negative but you can’t believe in fairy tales or miracles, they just don’t happen.

Mind you, some people do seem to have a knack of just getting what they want. My friend told me she wanted a particular type of car but she wasn’t sure where she was going to get one, but she said she knew she would get one. Then one came up for sale just down the road from where she lives, and the price was right and she saw it and bought it within three hours! Lucky or what?

Then another friend wanted to take her family to Disneyland in Orlando. I thought the would never be able to afford that on their income but she said she would be going. She named a date some 18 months in the future and you know what? By six months before that date the holiday was booked and paid for! They have just come back and have had a great time. I’m so envious. I asked her how she had managed it and she said ‘ I just decided we were going so I set an intention and made a plan. I got brochures and we all decided which package deal we wanted then we made a vision board with pictures of the place and money and the dates and we put it on the kitchen wall. Then I saved some money every time I was paid and so did my husband. Then the unexpected things started to happen. I got a bonus at work, and then a tax rebate, and my husband got asked to help a friend with a job and was paid for it. Little extra bits of money just kept coming in and we had more than enough in the end.

Talk about luck! Well, I suppose the planning and the saving helped. But I could never do that, I can’t afford to save anything out of my wages so what’s the point?

I am not a negative person but I do find things wind me up. There is so much bad stuff going on so I have to try to make everyone aware of it so we can stop it. I see pictures on facebook of child and animal abuse and cruelty and racism so I have to share them all and comment. I do fight against these things, but it seems to be a losing battle. And I’m trying hard to lose weight because I hate being a fat person. My friends tell me that I’m not fat but I know they are only being nice. I don’t really like my body and I do like cake!

I have tried thinking positive but I still feel a failure. I tell myself that this time it will work but inside I don’t believe it so I don’t reckon this Law of Attraction works.

Anyway, I’m not really a negative person, but, positive people really annoy me!

Do you agree with Annie?



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