Prosperity Consciousness and Abundance 1

Most people have poverty consciousness even though they dont know it. Most people believe in lack. Not enough to go around. We are poor because they are rich. They have all the money. As if money is a finite thing.
Money is just energy. There is always enough. There may not be enough in your bank account at this moment but there could be.
It isnt surprising that people feel this way. We have all been taught to feel this way, by our parents and elders who were taught by their parents and elders, but mainly by the media and politicians, because it suits them to keep the public in ignorance and fear. People who are fearful can be controlled, and the biggest fear most of us have is financial security – or lack of it.
Lack becomes a self perpetuating myth.
We have RATS in our brains. The Reticular Activating system is a filter that stops us becoming overwhelmed with the amount of data that bombards our senses second by second. The RAS means we only notice the data that is important to us. How does it know what is important to us? We teach it. We teach it by the things we give our attention to. So of course it makes us notice potential real dangers, the car horn sounding close by but not the car horn in the distance, the smell of something burning but not the smell from the wet washing. (quite often not the wonderful scents of flowers around us either!)
The RAS works alongside our ego. The ego wants us to be right, it doesnt like challenges, so when we have a belief the RAS only brings to our attention those things that validate our belief.
You think you are an unlucky person, something bad happens, you say “that proves I always have bad luck” . You think you are a lucky person, or you believe that there is no such thing as luck, and something bad happens and you say “oh well, these things happen” or even just ignore it.
It’s the ‘New Car Syndrome’ you get a new car and you keep seeing others of the same make and model. Your focus is currently on that type of car when previously it wasn’t.
This video explains it all perfectly

We all have SELF LIMITING BELIEFS things like ‘I’m not good enough’ , I’m always ill, I’ll never have enough money, I’m not confident, I can’t lose weight. Because we believe these things about ourselves our RAS and our ego make sure they remain true.
Change your belief, change your future.


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