Prosperity and Abundance 2


We all believe things about ourselves, and these beliefs are usually formed in childhood. The result of things we were told by our elders. As children we automatically believe what adults tell us. So when the teacher says “you’re lazy” or big brother calls us stupid it lodges in our psyche. If a child is not very confident other children tend to take advantage of that and bully them, even if only mildly, so that lack of confidence grows. If a child shows little aptitude for something that is often repeated back to them so the adult believes they cant possibly do that thing. In truth they most likely could learn to do that thing if they were sufficiently motivated.

Obviously individuals have strengths and weaknesses and if you have no natural talent for something you are unlikely to become great at it, but there is no reason you can’t become proficient. Whereas the child with an obvious talent is likely to have that talent nurtured by parents and teachers and become really good.

My friend’s daughter asked to be taken to the ice rink as a birthday treat when she was 4 or 5. She loved it so much they went again soon after. Then they booked lessons. The child is now 11 and competing regularly and could well be in the Winter Olympics 2020. Talent nurtured. What might have been the outcome if they had refused to take her again?

Most of us have self limiting beliefs about money.

We were told money doesn’t grow on trees ; we were told that our parents couldn’t buy such and such as there wasn’t enough money ; we were told that you have to work hard to earn money.

There is an attitude that rich people are somehow bad people. They inherited their money so they don’t deserve it, or they are in business and became successful so must have ripped ordinary people off to do that. We use terms like ‘Filthy Rich’ and ‘Poor as a church mouse’ .

If you have an underlying belief that you cant be good and be rich most people choose good. So they block the wealth that could be theirs.
The first step to developing Prosperity Consciousness is to find out if, like many people, you actually have poverty consciousness. What are your core beliefs about money? These are common ones…

  • Money is scarce
  • The pot is only so big
  • There isn’t enough to go round
  • If some people have a lot of money there is less for the rest of us
  • You have to work hard to get money
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I can’t afford it / I’ll never be able to afford that
  • People like us dont have big houses or new cars
  • You can’t be rich and be spiritual
  • And attitudes to the wealthy…
    wealthy people are cheats, immoral, slave drivers, criminals, sly businessmen
    or conversely: stupid, dull, lords that have inherited money but not brains ( think Harry Enfield’s Tim Nice But Dim )

Well, you wouldn’t want to be like those people, would you?

Now, if you’re going to say that obviously the above statements are true –
Money is scarce, finite, there isn’t enough to go around, just look at the world – well, I just refer you back to part 1 and the RATS in your brain. Your Reticular Activating System is presenting you with evidence to support your beliefs.

Write down all the self limiting beliefs you think you have, then try to turn each one around to its opposite.
There isn’t enough money : there is enough money for everyone
I can’t afford that : How can I afford that ( wondering, open to finding ways of doing it. )
I’m not very confident : I am confident
I’m not good at business : I am good at business, or if that is too big a leap try I can learn how to be good at business.
You get the idea.

You can now join a Facebook Group, Prosperity Club, to talk about Prosperity and Abundance.

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