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The Frankincense Statuette

The Frankincense Statuette Book Cover, Front & Back


There are beings that inhabit this world who are not quite of this world, although that may not be apparent to us.

Some live among us as humans, flesh and blood, needs and desires, good and bad. To the majority of people they appear to be fellow human beings, but occasionally some of us can sense that they are more – or less – than human.

Others are beings of Spirit, invisible to the human eye unless they choose to take form, but visible to the human spirit, where essence speaks to essence. Few enough humans have been sufficiently aware of their own spiritual nature to be able to sense that of others: but the world is changing.

Aeons ago one of those spirit beings travelled to Earth when mankind’s civilisations were in their infancy, liked what he saw and chose to stay.   Here he found beings he could bend to his will, control and have dominion over. He found a place where he could live in comfort and luxury, but more than that he could exercise his spite and devilment, watching as people struggled and failed, watching as men argued, fought, went to war, and he revelled in it all. Better to enjoy the fruits of this world he took form, became flesh and blood, and seemed as one of us.

Knowledge is power and his knowledge that people are more than flesh, that they have the potential to do more, be more than flesh will allow he kept to himself, but he had those abilities and he used them to the full. His powers would be described as magic, witchcraft, impossible had they been seen, but he was subtle and worked in secret, never disclosing what he could do to manipulate others.

He is named Agisthenes, and his symbol is the wolf.

In all things there is balance and the same with those spirit beings whose concern is our world. In ancient time there was a struggle between some beings of light and Agisthenes and his power was broken and diminished. Knowing he would eventually regain his power and that in time to come, when the celestial alignments were right and humankind would be on the brink of great change, someone would need to be able to challenge him, they left a guardian.

The centuries rolled and turned. Significant celestial alignments came and went without humankind being on the brink. The physical embodiment of the guardian was lost and forgotten, until the 21st century arrived, humankind’s technological achievements had escalated at an unprecedented rate, and as another great celestial alignment approached humankind was on the brink of great change, and on a knife-edge as to whether that change would be for the better or not.  Agisthenes was powerful once more, but where was the guardian?

In a desert in the Middle East an ancient temple has been found and archaeologists are working to discover the secrets of a lost civilisation. The vibrations of people and machinery moving over the sand trigger something, and awareness returns to one who has slept unaware for more than 30 centuries. Slowly she feels the weight of sand above her lessen and lighten. She pushes out with her mind and encounters another, a gentle soul, touched by sadness but also filled with a love of life. She senses a mind open to any possibilities and a capacity for wonder and for love. She senses her saviour. She gets a picture from this mind of many people digging the sand, the pillars of her temple standing alone and broken, strange metal vehicles that are not pulled by animals  but move on their own, buildings made of wood, and tents. She sees broken fragments of her temple lined up on a table, put into boxes and transported far away. She senses that would also be her fate once the sand is cleared away from her. She sends a message to the mind she touched:  “Get me away from here. I cannot be in a museum. Take me far away. I will help you.”

A touch of a brush and the sun warms her. Another touch and its brightness is felt.  She hears a voice. “You carry on, I’ll just take this tray back to the shed.” And she realises the one who will uncover her is now alone. Another brush, and a gasp of an indrawn breath, then hands moving the sand and lifting her from her long-time bed. Then the sunlight is once again blotted out, but this time by cloth. She is lifted and she feels movement as she is carried away.

Now time starts again for Balquis of the Silver Riders.

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